“Madanlal zindabad, Madanlal ko chhoro”

To Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee

1 Queen Victoria Road

New Delhi

29th January 1948

My dear Dr. Syama Prasad,

Vishnu Ghanashyam Deshpande

I was anxious to meet you to have a talk about the present situation but unfortunately on account of my illness it has not been possible. I am leaving tomorrow morning for Wardha and, if health permits, I shall proceed to Ceylon from there and shall not return to Delhi before the 17th February. I am, therefore, writing this to you in the hope that you would give it consideration.


Madanlal Pahwa






You know that as a result of Bapu’s fast there was a wave in this city in favour of communal peace and harmony which was visible all round. I find that the Hindu Mahasabha has started propaganda against that. I understand there was a meeting at Connaught Circus two days ago. From the report of the proceedings which has appeared in some Urdu papers which I have seen, it seems highly inflammatory speeches were delivered. Not only that, slogans were raised in the meeting: Madanlal zindabad, Madanlal ko chhoro. I understand Madanlal is the young man who is alleged to be responsible for the bomb explosion at the prayer meeting of Gandhiji the other day. I have also heard that Sjt. Deshpande had been to Bihar and he is reported to have said in one of his speeches that Pandit Nehru, Maulana Azad and Sardar Vallabhbhai should be hanged. I cannot understand what object will be served by keeping up communal strife within our own borders. You know more than anybody else how difficult it is for the Government to take up any big serious work when its attention is fully occupied with maintenance of peace in our own territory. We all know the sufferings of our people in Pakistan. That suffering. is not lessened by keeping up strife here. On the other hand, the capacity of our Government to proceed with rehabilitation is seriously hampered. May I, therefore, request you to use your influence in the interest of communal harmony and peace within our own territory?

I shall be staying at Wardha up to the 7th February. I shall be obliged for a line in reply. My address there will be: Bajajwadi, Wardha (C.P.).

Yours sincerely,

Rajendra Prasad

Source : Dr. Rajendra Prasad Correspondence And Select Documents Volume- Eight – Page 64

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