“How about it , Dixie” by Langston Hughes

03The President’s Four Freedoms
Appeal to me.
I would like to see those Freedoms
Come to be.

If you believe
In the Four Freedoms, too,
Then share ‘em with me—
Don’t keep ‘em all for you.

Show me that you mean
Democracy,please –
Cause from Bombay to Georgia
I’m beat to my knees.

You can’t lock up Gandhi,
Club Roland Hayes,
Then make fine speeches
About Freedom’s ways.

Looks like by now
Folks ought to know
It’s hard to beat Hitler
Protecting Jim Crow.

Freedom’s not just
To be won Over There .
It means Freedom at home,too –
Now – right here !

– New masses (Oct 20,1942)

The President’s Four Freedoms

A Week With Gandhi(1942) page 47

G. There are powerful elements of Fascism in British rule, and in India these are the elements which we see and feel every day. If the British wish to document their right to win the war and make the world better, they must purify themselves by surrendering power in India. Your President talks about the Four Freedoms. Do they include the freedom to be free? We are asked to fight for democracy in Germany, Italy and Japan. How can we when we haven’t got it ourselves?



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