An unfertilized egg was more ‘vegetarian’ than milk – Gandhi

LETTER TO NARANDAS GANDHI Thursday evening [October 16, 1930]

eggCHI. NARANDAS, I got the letters sent by you. I write this letter specially regarding Amidas. It will, therefore, be immediately cleared. Will Amidas agree to take raw eggs? There are two kinds of eggs, one to which exception may be taken and the other unexceptionable. The former are those which ultimately produce chicken, and the unexceptionable are those which produce no life. Hens lay such eggs without their having been inseminated by cocks. This is a well known fact. Parnerkar will probably know about it. Such eggs are available in the market. Mostly Europeans look after the production of such eggs. There is a farm for this purpose near Miraj. You will find some correspondence on this subject in my file. You need not, however, search for it. Many Parsis in Ahmedabad will be able to give you information about where such eggs are available. Personally I believe that eggs of this kind are less objectionable than milk. In eating them, we do not deprive any creature of its food, as we do by taking milk. If Amidas agrees, obtain such eggs immediately. They are to be used in this manner. Break an unfertilised egg, mix its contents with eight ounces of water and keep the mixture in a bottle. Give him an ounce of this mixture every hour. He will soon gain strength. The mixture will completely serve the purpose of milk. I can say that Manu’s life was saved by this mixture. Such eggs are a hundred times better than cod-liver oil. Tell Amidas that if there is any sin in acting upon this advice, I take it upon myself. I have not publicly advocated the use of such eggs because, when self-indulgence is on the increase and all kinds of medicines are being consumed without hesitation, I did not think it proper to add one more to the list. Amidas’s case is quite different. I hope Parnerkar has recovered.

Blessings from BAPU

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