Sardar Patel – Ambedkar Correspondence

Sardar correspondence

Dr Ambedkar married a Brahmin girl, Dr Savita Kabir. That was after the assassination of the Mahatma. When Dr Ambedkar saw PyareLal standing before the present Khadi Bhandar, Connaught Place, he got down from the car, went up to him and said: ‘Had Bapu been alive, he would have blessed our marriage. We did not understand him.’

On September 6, 1954 speaking in the Rajya Sabha, Dr Ambedkar paid Gandhiji the highest tribute when he said: ‘All of us (that is, including Ambedkar himself—S.C.) knew that the Dalits were the nearest and dearest to him.’

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Source :  Mainstream Weekly , Wednesday 19 August 2009


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