Birth of All-India Scheduled Castes Federation

DR. BHIM RAO AMBEDKAR5The new policy of Britain in regard to the Depressed Classes compelled Ambedkar to make a departure from his new role as a labour leader. During the interview Cripps asked Ambedkar whether he represented the labour or the Depressed Classes and asked him also about the strength of his Party. That gave a turn to his role ; and once again Ambedkar thought it wise to resume the leadership of the Depressed Classes in the interest of his people for whom he had been fighting all along the past twenty-five years. He, therefore, convened on March 30 and 31,1942, a conference of the leaders of the Depressed Classes who were present in Delhi and held consultations with them on the Cripps proposals. M. C. Rajah, who had up to that time opposed Ambedkar. was now reconciled with Ambedkar. Raj-bhoj had already joined him. It was decided, after a gap of ten years, to hold an All-India Depressed Classes Conference at Nagpur, in July 1942, with a view to creating an All-India organization with distinct aims and purposes in co-operation with all the inter-provincial forces

The All-India Depressed Classes Conference was scheduled to meet oil July 18 and 19. Ambedkar along with N. Shivraj, the President-elect of the All-India Conference of the Depressed Classes, reached Nagpur at 9 on the morning of July 18. A mammoth crowd of 40,000 people gave a thundering ovation to their chosen leader and to the President-elect. Leaders from the Punjab, Bengal and Madras had come to attend it. The conference began its session at Mohan Park in Nagpur in a very spacious pandal. N. Shivraj, President of the conference, at the outset congratulated Ambedkar on behalf of the Depressed Classes on his elevation to the Cabinet and said that this office opened a new avenue for service to the people. As Ambedkar rose to speak, he was cheered vociferously by the vast conference of 70,000 persons. He reviewed the situation in reference to the claims of the Depressed Classes from the days of the R.T.C. to the Cripps proposals and described the Cripps proposals as a great betrayal of the Depressed Classes.

The conference declared the formation of the All-India Scheduled Castes Federation and put forth their demand for the establishment of separate village settlements at the cost of Government.

Dhananjay Keer’s Dr. Ambedkar: Life and Mission From Dust to Doyen pages – 343 350 351  

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