About separate political platform for Scheduled Caste – Ambedkar (26 January 1956) 

116035_double-checkA number of scheduled caste workers of Agra came to invite Dr. Ambedkar to visit Agra. Manik and Ratna Kumar – workers informed Dr. Ambedkar that a Scheduled Caste Federation worker, Gopichand Pippal, had just joined the Congress after issuing a damaging statement against the SC Federation and its founder-leader Dr. Ambedkar. Dr. Ambedkar smiled and said “The Indian National Congress Organization was dominated mostly by rouges, cheats, deceiver, exploiters, black-marketers and smugglers. How could they allow this simple and poor SC worker to mingle with them? He would be hounded and chased out of the Congress platform in no time. He would lose his identity which he had enjoyed in SC Federation of Agra as a senior worker. His own consciousness would prick him for betraying his community. He would be dishonored and debased. You do not bother. I have established a political platform for my people since very long. All of you can speak, criticize and ventilate your grievances from this political platform. So long as you maintain your separate political identity and entity you can be respected and honored. Please maintain this political platform and save yourselves from all temptations. After my death even five devoted workers gather together and move the blue flag; they would keep my spirit of self-respect movement and the community will go on in the path of progress. If I agree with all confused policies of the Congress and send a postcard to Nehru today, I will be appointed as Deputy Prime Minister of India within seconds. A man like me who struggled and battled against social and political inequality and who made the untouchables question an All India and world problem would be welcomed without any pre-conditions. This is a creation of my efforts. Who cared for you so far?  All political parties have been exploiting you for their own vested be interest. I made my people conscious of their human rights and made a third political force in the Indian politics next to the Hindus and Muslims. No party or rulers would dare ignore your problem in future. You should devote and sacrifice all your interest to keep up the banner of the Republican Party of India always flying and do not merge with any other political party. Educate yourself to exercise your votes in favour of you own candidate only in the election. You may not get your candidates elected due to less number of votes. This is but natural. If you continue to vote your candidate of your own party, the voters in general would be trained and would be compelled to think the value of your votes. This is what happened with regard to the Labour Party in England. This party came into existence in 1891. They fought the elections till 1930 when they formed their own Government under the leadership of Dr. Ramsay Mc Donnel. The Labour Party worked hard for 40 years to convince their votes. In the end, this party became very important. The party made its place in partlamentary system of England. On the same line if you work hard with unity, courage and strong will, the Republican Pary will rule India one day.”

Shankarand Shastri, My experiences and memories of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, book page 89


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