Tilak & Ganesh Chaturthi


Tilak transformed worshipping Ganesha into Ganesh Chaturthi , (1894) which had twin aims. On the one hand it was a replacement counterpart to Muharram observance and on the other a mobilisational strategy to unite people. It is said that upon the inception of Ganesha Chaturthi, Hindus abandaoned participating Muharram festival and instances of riots were reported when the musicals passed mosques in Poona in 1894 and Dhulia in 1895.

The following was the devotional song sung during the festivities.

Ganesh-Chaturthi-99“Oh! Why have you abandoned today the Hindu religion?

How have you forgotten Ganapathi, Shiva and Maruthi?

What have you gained by worshipping the tabuts?

What boon has Allah conferred upon you

That you have become Mussalmans today?

Do not be friendly to a religion which is alien

Do not give up your religion and be fallen

Do not at all venerate the tabuts,

The cow is our mother, do not forget her. ”

via 1933 of 2014 ! :Time To Break New Grounds In Confronting Communal Fascism!! Concurrents.org



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